FAQ - Motion Stories


Where is Motion Stories based and how far can you travel?

We are based in Mumbai. We can travel anywhere across the globe to cover your story, you just need to take care of our travel and stay.

How and when can we book you?

Contact us and give us few details of your event and we can move ahead from there. You can block your dates as soon as 6-8 months from your wedding.

What will be the team strength for the wedding?

No two weddings are same and hence the team varies as per the nature of the weddings and the intended deliverables. For standard deliverables, we usually film with the crew of 2-3 Cinematographers and 2-3 photographers (documentary & candid style) along with a event manager. Aerial cinematographer can be added as per your requirements.

What are the common deliverables for the package?

In wedding package, we provide all the edited digital photographs and wedding films as follows.

1. A 03-05 Mins cinematic trailer

2. A cinematic highlight film of 15-20 mins.

3. Full Films – The entire footage of the main events like sangeet, wedding & reception ceremony etc. in 1080p format with edited minimally on ambient sound with soft instrumental music.

When we can expect the deliverables?

You’ll get a glimpse of your wedding in 2-3 days of your wedding with first set of images. A complete set of images will be delivered in 6-8 weeks of your wedding. Making a film is a creative and painstaking process and we make our films with a lot of love and effort. With every new film, we try to do something different in terms of background score, visuals, and color treatment. Each film goes through multiple iterations before it sees the light of the day. it usually takes 10-12 weeks to deliver. In the end, you will get a hard-drive (provided by you) delivered to your doorstep containing all the High-Resolution images and videos. 

How much do you charge & what are your payment terms?

We do not provides special packages, we provides personalised quotation according to your requirements. Please write us on [email protected] or call us on 9004298545 to get personalised quotation. We take 20% of the complete payment at the time booking. The remaining 60% of the complete payment is due on the day of wedding and reaming is due before the delivery of the first set of images i.e 10-15 days after the wedding.

Do you give hard copy of photographs too?

Yes, there are wide range of albums that can be chosen. You can select from a variety of options of wedding albums

Will you post our photos or videos on social media?

Yes, we do. Motion stories may use the images and videos for work samples, contests, exhibition, advertising and social media promotions.

Are you ok if we hired additional team for the wedding?

No, we are not. We try to keep our compositions clean by avoiding distractions and people carrying cameras are a distraction (including our own team members). We work very closely within our team to ensure we do not obstruct each other's frames and for this very reason we work in exclusivity. 

Can I get all RAW data of all events?

Yes, we will give you all your raw data in a hard-drive (provided by you). This raw data may be useful for edits later like first anniversary / 25th anniversary etc.