Chinmayee x Vignesh - Motion Stories

Chinmayee x Vignesh

Chinmayee & Vignesh are adorable couples who tied their knot in Mumbai | Maharashtra. The memories of that day would remain evergreen even years after the event. 

It was really joyful day while shooting this calm personality couple. This couple loved getting clicked and enjoyed posing with the various backdrops and were tireless and enthusiastic. This couple shared such wonderful chemistry that it was a pleasure to capture their playful camaraderie and romantic moments. We had a great time working with them. 


Indian Haldi traditions marked the beginning of the wedding day. The Haldi ritual was a great way to begin the day for the whole family. In addition to showering them with flower petals, friends and family members applied Haldi (turmeric) as a blessing to the newlyweds.


The couple got married under the beautiful night skies of Mumbai. The chilly weather with guests tucked in their cashmere shawls & heaters around, made the whole wedding a cozy affair. The mandap was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers & the 360 degree seating arrangement for the guests gave them a perfectly clear view of the entire ceremony. The couple was smiling & laughing as they walked around the pyre completing their seven pheras and becoming man & wife forever.

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