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Rahul x Prajakta

Wedding festivities for Rahul and Prajakta were a source of immense happiness for us all. When you look back on a wedding like this, you can see how much love and effort went into planning it, and it was really beautiful. As soon as we began chatting with Prajakta, we realised how committed she was in the process. Prajakta opted for simplicity without sacrificing the vision she had for her wedding’s aesthetics.


Prajakta’s beautiful stride down ‘was a sight to witness. Onlookers were transfixed by the simplicity of the event and observed it in silence. As they exchanged adoring looks through the flower that separated them, their emotions were running at fever pitch. As they were pronounced husband and wife and gazed into one other’s eyes for the first time, the atmosphere in the room shifted from emotional to joyful. To round up the festivities, family and friends congratulated the newlyweds as they exchanged garlands.

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