Dr. Krishnapriya & Dr. Prashant - Motion Stories

Dr. Krishnapriya & Dr. Prashant

 Prashant , was well-known for refusing to see anybody a second time after a first encounter. As for Krishnapriya, she was curious about his self-perception. This blind date was supposed to last around 30 minutes, but neither of them expected it to go much longer than that. The talk started off as a lighthearted chit-chat, but quickly grew into a six-hour marathon. That evening, when they said their goodbyes, Prashant said Krishapriya , “I truly want to see you again.”” She chuckled and thought, “Oh well! “OK, I’ll go for it!”

After only one date, Prashant knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend ,   Her answer was a resounding “yes.” The Mumbai city  provided a stunning background for their ‘happily ever after’ celebration. For more than six years, we have been friends with Prashant’s family, and we were delighted to be a part of this three-day journey of emotions, celebrations and infectious laughter.

Pre Wedding 

Mumbai provided the ideal backdrop for our gorgeous couple in love to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. For Dr. Krishnapriya and  Dr. Prashant, it was  real to have their pre wedding photos taken in the city where they spent their college years. As krishnapriya battled the rain and cold, prashant ran errands for hot coffee cups at every break and shielded her from the rain with his jacket. This is the first time she’s ever seen him in a more vulnerable state, Krishnapriya revealed. In contrast to the icy surroundings of their pre-wedding shoot, their on-screen connection turned into a kaleidoscope of colour and tenderness.

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