Aishwarya x Arun - Motion Stories

Aishwarya x Arun

Pre Wedding

Aishwarya was born and raised in Mumbai and knew exactly where she wanted to spend her pre-wedding vacation from the moment she made the decision. For their romantic photo session, the city’s mediaeval atmosphere and the chill of the winter weather provided the ideal backdrop. so Aishwarya & Arun decide to shoot their pre-wedding at the City of palaces Mysore, Karnataka.


Traditional gujrati events kicked off the wedding day. It was a joyous occasion as relatives and friends decked the newlyweds in yellow.  Aishwarya  rained down on her group of friends as she searched for the next fortunate one!

The Wedding Day

While getting Aishwarya ready for her wedding, her friends made sure to savour every moment of her coupledom. The crew gathered  to take some great group photos while taking in the magnificent wedding environment. The baraat was a lavish parade that began with Arun riding a horse a. His gleaming grin screamed volumes of his joy as he made his grand entrance into the wedding site.

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